Torosaurus was a chasmosaurine ceratopsian dinosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous of the western United States. 

Torosaurus as it appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs.

Torosaurus males fighting.


Walking with Dinosaurs

In Episode 6: Death of a Dynasty, Torosaurus appeared as a herd animal, migrating along the volcanic plains in search of food. They were also shown to joust with each other, locking their horns and pushing each other as a ritual for dominance. These horns, however, were not always enough to defeat a T-Rex. The Torosaurus herd died along with all the other dinosaurs at the end of the episode. Recent studies suggest Torosaurus is simply the adult version of Triceratops. But this is not commonly accepted by the scientific community. In 2012, two Yale researchers suggested that they should be two species instead of one animal.

An injured old Torosaurus faces off against a deadly but naive young Tyrannosaurus.


Torosaurus never appeared in any of the specials.

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