Tupandactylus as it appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs

Tapejara were a type of Brazilian pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period.(130-100 Ma)These flying reptiles showed wide diversity in size, some with a wingspan of 6 metres. The species Tapejara bore differently sized/shaped crests that may have been used to signal and display for the other pterosaurs, much as modern toucans use their bright bills to signal to one another.


Walking with DinosaursEdit

Colonies of Tapejara were featured in the Episode 4: Giant of the Skies, depicted during a hypothetical breeding season in Brazil. The larger and more powerful males displayed in the prime and obvious areas, for which the females could pay them attention. The unfortunate 'losers', as they are referred to for this as any competition, are seen to have to sit in barely noticeable and dangerous low level areas perilously close to blow holes, which crash in from the waves of the sea up through the rock formations, getting the Pterosaurs wet and potentially being strong enough to drown a Pterosaur that can't avoid being sucked down into the holes and to their deaths.


Tapejara didn't appear in any of the specials.