Smilodon in attack mode



Smilodon, meaning "knife tooth" was the largest sabre-toothed cat. They were predators, with sabre teeth, as their name suggests. It is a 250 kg predator that in one form crossed the land bridge from North America to South America, becoming even larger in the South American version. The subspecies shown in Walking With Beasts lived from 1.2 Million Years Ago-10,000 Years Ago. It was an apex predator that seems to have ousted the native 'Terror Bird' Phorusrhacids (though some would rather fairly think that the largest were evenly matched with any Smilodon, with savage hooked beaks, talons and being 3 metres tall and able to run at 50 mph and more) It is possible that the Smilodon were wiped out by humans along with many megafaunal animals.


Walking with Beasts

Smilodon appears in an episode of Walking with Beasts. Smilodon also appears in Prehistoric Park and Primeval.

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