Seymouria was an amphibian of the Early Permian, 280-270 Million Years Ago. It was about a 2-3 feet long, and would have been a small predator. This is one of the strange Labyrinthodont reptilomorphs, an amphibian very close to the reptiles, yet still an amphibian. Unlike most other amphibians, Seymouria was well adapted to life in the drying climate of the Permian Period, being able to live in an increasingly arid climate. If not for the evoloution of the Synapsid Reptiles, it is said that these Reptilomorphs would have continued to diversify, instead of later becoming extinct due to being outcompeted by a group of various new reptile forms.

Walking With MonstersEdit

Seymouria appeared in the second episode of the BBC series Walking With came to a pool of water to drink when it was scared away by a male dimetrodon. later, It was seen stalking the nest of a female Dimetrodon.