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As seen in Walking With Monsters.

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A herd of Scutosaurus in the Permian Hills.

Scutosaurus was a large Pareiasaur Anapsid of Europe, in the Pangaean deserts of Europe, particularly Russia (Siberia) It weighed over a tonne, was 4-5 metres long, 2 metres tall and was a herbivorous reptile. It was a powerful herbivore, covered in scutes of armour - hence its name which means, Shield Lizard.


Strange as it seems, being an Anapsid, Scutosaurus was a close relative to the ancestors of the Chelonians - more commonly known as Turtles and Tortoises. It is a close relative to them.

Scutosaurus would have encountered large Therapsid carnivores in its day, such as the monstrous Gorgonops. Only the oldest, youngest and weakest - or those isolated and lost from their herds - were at real danger from these predators though, as they were powerful beasts in their own right.

Walking With MonstersEdit

The Scutosaurus is a strong feature of the third episode of Walking With Monsters, the herding prey species for Gorgonops - though only solitary old and dying Scutosaurs seem vulnerable. One of these is seen being chased and brought down by a fully grown Gorgonops.