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Saurolophus was a large hadrosaur. It was about 12 metres long, 5 tonnes in weight, and had a sac on its head that it used to create bellowing calls as a form of communication between herd members.(75-70)

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Saurolophus didn't appear in the main series.


Saurolophus appeared in 'The Giant Claw', the second episode of Chased By Dinosaurs.

In this it trashed Nigel Marven's tent as he explained the background to the 'Giant Claw'.

Nigel then opted to get a unique perspective view of Saurolophus feeding; leaving him covered in 'Dinosaur snot', as it sneezed. Nigel was trying to demstrate to us how the battery of the Hadrosaur's teeth work, grinding up pieces of food with a highly efficient method for plant food processing.