Parksosaurus is relatively large hypsilophodont, around 2-4 metres long, and it was one of the last of it's family, living at the very end of the Age of Dinosaurs. Found in Canada, it had blunt, peg-like teeth, suited to chewing thick leaves and fleshy fruit.

Like other hypsilophodonts it had a tail stiffened by bony tendons. Held straight behind it, it's tail helped Parksosaurus keep it's balance, including when running.

Walking With Dinosaurs

Parksosaurus was seen in the final episode Death of a Dynasty. They were unidentified in this episode. Several were seen at the water hole with several Anatotitan.

A Dromaeosaurid appeared and it chased them unsuccessfully, targeting one which made a narrow escape.


  • The model for Parksosaurus would later be reused as Othnielia in The Ballad of Big Al.
  • More realistically, the unnamed species in Walking With Dinosaurs, was Thescelosaurus.
  • At the time in 1999, however, this comparison was less clear than it is now.
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