Othnielia was a small North American Hypsilophodontid, living 155-145 Million Years Ago. It

A pair of Othnielia

was around 2 metres long and 45-65 kilograms. This little herbivore would have been sociable, using bursts of high speed to evade the apex predators such as Allosaurus,and Torvosaurus. It was named for its finder, meaning 'Belonging to Othniel', for the American Palaeontologist Othniel Charles Marsh.

A group of Othnielia flee from their most feared and frequent attacker - Allosaurus.

In Ballad of Big Al

When Al is young, some othnielia are walking with a Stegosaurus, foraging for tender seedlings. 

In reality, this could happen, because Hypsilophodontid havn't any defenses.

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