Ornitholestes as it appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs

Ornitholestes was a theropod dinosaur of Late Jurassic (155-150 Ma) Wyoming. Its classification Coelurosaur shows it is closely related to birds. In both its appearances, it is shown to have a small crest at the end of its snout, however this theory has since been disproved. They were around 2 metres long, weighing 80-100 kg. They were the ancestors of dinosaurs like Utahraptor

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Ornitholestes is shown as a carnivore, preying on baby Diplodocus. It is capable of finding and digging up the eggs, and is seen breaking them to feed on the nutritious material within.

The main specimen shown, was possibly killed in the forest fire during the episode, though this is not revealed, and if some heavy Diplodocus could escape, perhaps his lightweight theropod was was of the few more likely to escape (though in turn, a fleet-footed Hypsilophodontid is seen burnt also though this may have been ill as the other ornithopods ran acrossed the plains after this)


Ornitholestes also appears in The Ballad of Big Al, preying on hatchling Allosaurus. A female Ornitholestes was seen building her nest and protecting it from a young Big Al.


Closeup of the Ornitholestes head, with head crest and nose horn

Ornitholestes charles knight

A famous restoration by Charles R. Knight (Note the appearance is accurate although it lacked feathers)