Ornithocheirus was a medium pterosaur. It lived in the Early Cretaceous, (128-112) Ago. It was up to 10

Ornithocherius' relative Tropeognathus as it appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs

 meters in wingspan, yet due to a lightweight body of hollow-bones filled with air sacks, probably weighed less than 100 kg (the single heaviest parts being the beak and needle like teeth)

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Ornithocheirus did not directly appear in the series. However, its closely related relative Tropeognathus was the main pterosaur in the episode which it was called Ornithocherius at the time.


Ornithocheirus is featured in Episode 1 of Chased by Dinosaurs, where Nigel Marven sees one as he uses a microlyte to find the Argentinosaurus herd from the aerial perspective. It is explained that the wingspan of the aircraft is 26 feet - and the Ornithocheirus is a staggering 40 feet. It is shown to fly beside Nigel for a brief time, before trailing off.