Nigel Marven is a British wildlife presenter, television producer, author, and Zoologist (being particularly interested in Herpetology and Ornithology)

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Nigel marvin
Nigel Marven did feature in the actual Walking with Dinosaurs series, and the making of it.


Nigel Marven has appeared in two Walking with Dinosaurs specials - Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy and Chased By Dinosaurs, and he is also in another Impossible Pictures production : Prehistoric Park. In Sea Monsters, he travels back in time, visiting the world's seven deadliest seas. In Chased By Dinosaurs, he hunts for the biggest predator and biggest prey (Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus),
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Nigel holds the labyrinthodont

and the biggest claws (Therizinosaurus). Finally in Prehistoric Park, he tries to bring extinct animals back to the present, giving them a second chance at life. He was specifically chosen by Tim Haines and Jasper James for this series of specials, because of his real life experience in working as a Zoologist - Nigel is something of a legend amongst Zoologists and film presentors; as he has swum without a cage with 18 foot Great White Sharks with a prod pole as defence, he has tracked Lions and Tigers at their extremely hazardous kills, he had handled and once or twice been poisoned by some of the most deadly snakes in the world, he had swum with Whale Sharks and he had done countless other things such as wrestling alligators and dealing with Green Anacondas, and seems to have visited almost everywhere on Earth.

His great experience and huge wealth of knowledge on innumerable animals, gives him almost unmatched skills in reading animal behaviour and characteristics. Little wonder then, why Tim Haines and Jasper James would want him to take this role - for example, when watching Velociraptors at the kill of a Protoceratops, he even says in the episode, that it is like Tiger kills he has witnessed in the wild closeby. These were not made up for the purposes of the programmes, he was actually speaking from experience, so even though the Dinosaurs were not really there, he could convince you that they were due to his reliving of experiences within his career as a real life adventurer, explorer and Zoologist.

Other appearancesEdit

Nigel Marven appeared in episode 4 of the third series of Primeval. In this, he and his entire film crew are eaten alive by a gigantic Giganotosaurus that bursts through an anomaly.