Muttaburrasaurus herd
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Summer swarms of flies are a constant irritation to these huge reptiles.

Muttaburrasaurus, was a Rhabdodontid Iguanodontid that lived in the Southern Hemisphere in Australia and Antarctica, (106-95) Million Years Ago. It was a 9 metre long, 3 tonne herbivore Dinosaur. It is theorised that it would have made trumpeting calls as a means of herd communication. It is thought that it was a migratory animals, moving North and South with the changing seasons. It was the largest summer migrant, by a considerable margin.

Walking With DinosaursEdit

It is featured in Spirits of the Ice Forest, as the noisy browser that happens to be the largest polar Dinosaur migrant. Some get lost on the way home, causing havoc for local Dinosaur sentries listening for danger...