Mononykus z1
Mononykus was a feathered dinosaur with just one claw on each hand. It was an insectivore that lived in Mongolia 75-65.5 million years ago. It stood over a metre tall, almost to 2 metres. It was 2 metres long and less than 120 kilograms in weight. Its name literally means, "Single Claw".

Walking With DinosaursEdit

Mononykus did not appear in the main series.


Mononykus appeared in 'The Giant Claw', the second episode of Chased By Dinosaurs.

It was shown to be a nocturnal omnivore, pestering Nigel Marven by eating his pet scorpion- though he pestered them back by running after one and catching it. They were shown to be feathered Dinosaurs very closely related to modern birds. A flock of Mononykus inhabit the jungle-like region Nigel was traversing through. A few more are seen on the scrub-lands, were a terrifying Tarbosaurus, scares off a couple of Mononykus that Nigel had been watching, of course forcing him to hide too.