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Land of Giants is the first episode of Chased by Dinosaurs.


Nigel Marven materializes in Argentina, Planet Dinosaur. His objective is to witness an Argentinosaurus herd breeding. He investigates an adult Argentinosaur's skeleton and marvels at the size comparison. Then he checks out the pool where the Argentinosaurs will breed. He spots an Argentinosaur juvenile who is too young to travel with the herd. A Sarcosuchus attacks him and Nigel barely escapes with his life. He then coaxes a Sarcosuchus onto the bank where it basks idly. He films the Sarcosuchus before running back to safety wildly as the giant crocodyliform snaps it's colossal jaws. Nigel Marven then scours the terrain, scouting for the Argentinosaurus herd. He even journeys to the ocean, where he films some Pterosaurs. He returns back to his camp to find it ravaged and pillaged. He finds a huge Giganotosaurus tooth and realizes that giant predators are waiting for the Argentinosaur herd. He spends a sleepless night before tracking the Giganotosaur's footprints in the morning. He tracks them to an injured Iguanodon, who collapses in pain on the ground. Nigel Marven diagnoses the fact that the Iguanodon's injury is painful, but will not be fatal. He then follows a trail of blood to a Giganotosaurus. Nigel hides behind a cliff while watching the humongous killer snack on a dead Iguanodon. The Giganotosaurus then walks off and Nigel Marven works out that because big predators are arriving, the Argentinosaurus herd cannot be far away. He decides to bring in some 21st century technology and he flies a small plane over to the coast, where he flies with a massive Ornithecheirous. After that he flies the plane over to the vast Argentinosaurus herd and he flies amongst the Argentinosaurs. Then he flies to his camp and he drives over to the Argentinosaurs. He quickly takes out some lorry weighing pads and he weighs the Argentinosaurs. They are shown to weigh 92 tonnes. Nigel Marven returns to camp. The next day he drives his car alongside a sprinting Iguanodon. He turns to see a huge Giganotosaurus chasing him. He has a fortunate escape. Then he drives to the Argentinosaur herd and watches as a pack of Giganotosaurs single out a young Argentinosaur. The pack then proceeds to kill and eat the juvenile. The hunt takes hours and Nigel Marven leaves the killing grounds as night sets in. The next day he journeys to the breeding site and watches in awe as the Argentinosaurs lay their eggs. As the credits roll to a close, a Sarcosuchus lunges out of the pool and chases Nigel Marven. It is unknown as to what befalls Nigel Marven.

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