Jasper James was a producer for the Walking with... series. Together with Tim Haines he is usually credited for the programs. He has also produced Chased By Dinosaurs and Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy.

He also appeared on the behind the scenes featurettes and interviews in the Walking With Beasts and Walking With Monsters : The Trilogy of Life, as well as an interview with him sat with Tim Haines discussing The Land of Giants and The Giant Claw (Chased By Dinosaurs) and the (then) upcoming for 2003 Sea Monsters Trilogy : Walking With Dinosaurs Special.

In The Trilogy of Life from the Walking With Monsters DVD, he specifically defends the intelligence of the audience in the face of some rather biased and ignorantly formed criticism regarding the clarity of the division between what is fact and fiction, and what the audience would perceive the sum total as. Jasper James said the audiences knows exacly what Walking With Dinosaurs is and they the audience are intelligent enough to know it is the best guess. He also reiterates the point that the criticism is missing the point and that it is not to confuse or deceive the audience, but to engage them with the beautiful and majestic story of the evolution of life on earth.