The Neanderthal is not an ancestor of modern humans. Rather, they are our extinct cousins evolved from a common ancestor that we share - Homo heidelbergensis. They used spears to hunt Ice Age animals. One is first seen gathering sticks so he can make a fire. He is then attacked by a Coelodonta. He survives the brutal attack, only because he is built for it. A whole group is seen attacking a Woolly Mammoth herd and killing two of the herd members.

Walking With Beasts - Mammoth Journey

Neanderthals are featured in Walking With Beasts - Mammoth Journey (Episode 6/6) Their tough and dangerous lifestyles are depicted, as well as a group of them hunting Mammoths. This is a reconstruction of the evidence from the Isle of Jersey in the English Channel. Le cotte de saint brolade, evidences a site of Neanderthal butchery and ritualistic behaviour.

Though appearing as a raised beach and rock face of an island in the channel now, 30,000 years ago when sea levels were around 300 feet lower, the channel itself did not exist. Instead, a broad, grassy plain or at times sub-arctic tundra environment (reminiscent of the cold climate migratory regions through which animals like Caribou/Reindeer pass through in parts of Canada) existed in place, supporting the typical Ice Age Mega-fauna.

Neanderthals used the raised escarpment on the plains in conjuncture with their knowledge of fire and stone weapons, to drive animals over the edge letting the fall kill or grievously injure them. This is reconstructed clearly in the episode, and they even manage to kill the matriarch of the herd in this manner. In spite of their success over hundreds of thousands of years in the harsh Ice Age conditions, they seem to be victims of climate change and being out-competed by humans about as much as many of the Mega-fauna such as Mammoths that also became extinct eventually.

Walking With Cavemen

Neanderthals appear in Walking with Cavemen; yet again, shown hunting Mammoths.