Dromaeosaurus as it appeared in Walking with Dinosaurs

Dromaeosaurus is from the Campanian(75-68)North America. Dromaeosaurus, means, Runner Lizard. This Dinosaur gives its name it to the entire family of the Dromaeosauridae, that being all of the 'Raptors'. It was around 2 metres long, similar to the close relation to this predator Velociraptor, which happened to be living at the same time on the other side of the world almost.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Dromaeosaurus is seen to be a nuisance in Death of a Dynasty, trying to forage into a Tyrannosaurus nest and menacing some Torosaurus babies. Nevertheless, they are persistant and efficient predators, whether solitary, in a pair, or a pack, known to claim the life of the Baby Torosaurus. However, one Dromaeosaurus is first shown failing to catch a small Hypsilophodontid by the lakeside, dramatically plunging into the water on one atheletically poised foot whilst quickly - though not quite quickly enough - springing back to the right moments later in pursuit of the prey. It just gets away, with the Dromaeosaurus understandably left frustrated and slightly fatigued, rattling out a high pitched screeching roar that echoes across the lake.

Actions in Walking with Dinosaurs

It first appeared stalking a small herd of three or four Parksosaurus at a lake, with an Anatotitan drinking on the other end. It stalks the herd for a few seconds before being spotted, and as they run away, the Dromaeosaurus runs and leaps in the air, landing in the lake, making a huge splash of water. It runs towards the herd, but gives up as it makes a tired roar. It stops, and breathes heavily for a moment before letting out another high pitched roar.

It appears again, attempting to take an egg out of the Tyrannosaurus rex nest, approaching it carefully, but the Tyrannosaurus mother roars and it runs away, making another high pitched squeel-roar. At night, a pair of Dromaeosaurus appear and roar. One goes to a baby Torosaurus while the other attacks it. The two attack the adults, but after a long night they eventually kill the baby Torosaurus and eating it before leaving the carcass for a Didelphodon to consume. It is last seen running from the scene when the meteor collides with Earth. This is the last seen Dromeosaurus.


  1. Dromeosaurus wasn't a contempory of Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops and the other animals of the Hell Creek Formation.
  2. Dromeosaurus didn't appear in the original Death of a Dynasty, it was actually another member of Dromeosauridae of the Hell Creek formation that hasn't been described yet. Many books and remakes of the series wrongly claim this Dromeosaurid to be Dromeosaurus.



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