Dinilysia is one of the earliest known snakes, from the late Cretaceous Period.

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Dinilysia featured in the final episode of Walking with Dinosaurs - Death of a Dynasty. The T.rex babies were investigating it, as it was strange to them.

The significance of its inclusion within Walking With Dinosaurs, was to briefly show that snakes have evolved and are now here and this is around the time the first ones evolve. However, there is also a scientific theory expressed on screen by including the snake and its way of seeing - thermal imaging senses that reveal the Dinosaurs to be clearly endothermic, standing out against the backdrop. This is part of a huge argument over what type of blood at least some or maybe all Dinosaurs had. It is thought by many, that active carnivores such as the Tyrannosaurus rex would have had to be endothermic (almost certain).


Dinilysia was not in any specials.


  • Dinilysia was live-acted for the series by a red-tailed boa. Only one other creature was live-acted for the series, that being Steropodon, which was live-acted by a South American Coati. However, other animals were live-acted for Walking with Monsters and Walking with Beasts.
  • Dinilysia actually lived 20 million years before T-rex, and in South America.
  • The snake may have actually been another Cretaceous snake named Coniophis which lived at the same time and same place as Tyrannosaurus.