Basilosaurus mating. Note the vestigal hindlimbs interlocking together, for stability in the water column.

Basilosaurus (King Lizard) was a primitive, predatory whale, that could reach 15-18 metres or even 23 metres in length, and 70 tonnes. Basilosaurus was once known by a few such as Sir Richard Owen (who invented the unused name) as Zeuglodon, meaning 'Yoked Teeth'. This would have actually been far more scientifically sound, considering the fact that Basilosaurus is certainly not a reptile as the Basilosaurus meaning 'King/Regal Lizard', implies, but when it was first discovered it was thought to have been a marine reptile like the also large Liopleurodon and Tylosaurus. 'Zeuglodon', refers to the double rooted teeth, characteristic of marine mammals.

Walking With DinosaursEdit

Basilosaurus doesn't feature in the original Walking With Dinosaurs series.


Basilosaurus is the main hazard in the Fourth Most Dangerous Sea, in Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy.

Dorudon harass the danger to their infants.

Nigel Marven attracts one by playing a Basilosaurus call, but when the monster whale arrives it attacks the boat and destroys the speaker. The boat is Ancient Mariner. Dourodon also appears in this special. Basilosaurus appears in Walking with Beasts

Basilosaurus attacks a defenceless Dorudon calf in the oceanic lagoon.

: Whale Killer.

  • The tail fin of a Basilosaurus (live-acted by a Humpback Whale)
  • Basilosaurus dives under the Ancient Mariner
  • A female Basilosaurus killing a Physogaleus (same shot with the whale fluke but edited)