Ankylosaurus is a genus of Ankylosaurid Dinosaur, that lived to the very end of the Cretaceous (70-65)Ma ago in western North America. It was 6-8 meters long, 1.80 metres tall and approximately 6-7 tons in weight with heavy armour. It was a herbivorous Dinosaur that had very limited intelligence due to its skull being heavily reinforced (as was the rest of the animal) with armour, leaving little space for much of a brain at all. It would most likely have been reduced to instinctive reactions though it may have been able to learn from experience, that made it appear a rather unpredictable and aggressive Dinosaur.

Palaeontologists and Dinosaur fans alike often informally refer to this as the 'Battle Tank of Dinosaurs', the Bane of Tyrannosaurus rex.

Ankylosaurus - WWD

Ankylosaurus as depicted, in Walking with Dinosaurs

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Walking with DinosaursEdit

Ankylosaurus was featured in the final episode of Walking with Dinosaurs, Episode 6: Death of Dynasty. This event is shown, shortly after Ankylosaurus successfully fights a T-Rex, inflicting enough massive damage to kill it. In the later sequel, Walking with Beasts, this scene was re-shown as a prequel to the first episode of those series.