Albertosaurus as it appeared in Prehistoric Park


Two Albertosaurus.

Albertosaurus was a theropod dinosaur that lived in North America around 78-72 million years ago. Albertosaurus is of course named for Alberta in Canada, so, Lizard from Alberta/Alberta Lizard. It was in a sense, a slimline version of Tyrannosaurus rex, and lived 5 million years before its more famous relative. It has been informally referred to even by Palaeontologists as the, 'sports car edition of T.rex', because is indeed slender, with a narrow skull.

Though smaller than the T.rex, Albertosaurus was still  9 metres (29.5 ft, and 2 tonnes)

Walking with DinosaursEdit

Albertosaurus is not in the main series.


Albertosaurus appears in the final episode of Prehistoric Park, fighting and losing to a pack of Deinosuchus over a Parasaurolophus corpse.

1 Albertosaurus

One Albertosaurus

They also had the same CGI Model as the Prehistoric Park Tyrannosaurus. However it was made smaller and a little thinner.

They also appeared in March of the Dinosaurus as black theropods with feathers, but they somehow look like Gorgosaurus in the film. The Albertosaurus is one of the main antagonists in the film. The narrator identifies them as Albertosaurus in the film. They hunt in packs in the film. A lot of them killed several Edmontosaurus members and one was going after Scar. A branch caught on fire and landed on the Albertosaurus and it tried to shake off the flames. Scar managed to get out of the avalanche, but the Albertosaurus got washed away. The Albertosaurus, however, survived the avalanche and went back to kill Scar. The old Edmontosaurus gets bitten on the neck and tries to drop the Albertosaurus to a chasm, but it knows he will die also. He told Scar to leave and the old Edmontosaurus sacrifices himself as he and the Albertosaurus both die from the fall.

In Sea Monsters: A Walking with Dinosaurs Trilogy an Albertosaurus is roaring on the beach while Pteranodon fly past the carnivore. Nigel Marven basiclly called it a Tyrannosaur. It had the same model and texture of the Tyrannosaurus rex but it was added with a classic monster roar.